Tower of London

Slightly east of the Rathbone is the Tower of London, one of the world’s most instantly-recognisable buildings. Come to the Tower and immerse yourselves in 1,000 years of London’s amazing history. Since it was built in the 11th century it has been used as a fortress, a home, a castle, prison, armoury, treasury, the Public Records Office, Royal Mint and even a menagerie!

The stars of the Tower of London are the priceless Crown Jewels and you can also join a Beefeater on a guided tour, learn about the legend of the ravens, walk through the King’s bedchamber, find out where the Two Princes were held and even visit Traitor’s Gate, the gate where prisoners would enter the Tower, perhaps for the last time.

The Tower of London is an incredible day out for all the family and one of the most famous places in the whole world.

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19 April 2024