The Blackbird

The Blackbird is about as traditional an English pub as you’ll wish to find! Close to the Collingham Apartments, it has free wi-fi and serves award-winning ales and delicious pub food in a relaxed, warm atmosphere. Families are welcome and it has wheelchair access. Come for breakfast, lunch or dinner (or all three!) but The … Continued


Thali on Old Brompton Road is just minutes away from the Collingham Apartments and it’s a family-run north Indian restaurant inspired by 50 years of recipes handed down through three generations. The restaurant has been voted as one of London’s best Indian restaurants by some of the top critics and chefs in the country. Head … Continued

Princess Victoria

The Princess Victoria has been operating as a drinking establishment since 1830 and has retained its popularity since those days! It’s a family-run pub and restaurant on Earls Court Road, a very short cab ride away from the Collingham Apartments. On the ground floor you’ll find a relaxed bar with upholstered banquette seating, oak floors and a … Continued

The Pembroke

The Pembroke is an historic pub on Old Brompton Road, just a few minutes’ walk from the Collingham Apartments.  It has a relaxed, elegant vibe with a revolving seasonal menu and Earls Court’s best kept secret – a roof garden! Open from midday Monday to Saturday, Sundays are for brunch, roasts, Bloody Marys and the infamous ‘Hangover … Continued


Cacciari’s is a family-run Italian restaurant and ‘piadineria’, close to the Collingham Apartments on Old Brompton Road with a classic choice of fine Italian food and flatbread wraps, or ‘piadina’ made to years-old recipes handed down from generation to generation. The menu is packed full of delicious dishes, all sourced from local ingredients as well … Continued

Yamal Alsham

Yamal Alsham is a new premier restaurant offering an inspired Lebanese & Syrian culinary experience which combines the sophistication and subtleties of European cuisines with the exotic ingredients of the Middle and Far East. The menu mixes authentic dishes with modern influences to create a culinary journey for the palate and senses. Yamal Alsham is … Continued

Thai Taste

The secret of Thai cooking is balance. A balance of spices, herbs, roots and leaves, carefully blended to enhance the natural flavours and texture of the main ingredients. After twelve years Thai Taste is well known for its genuine Thai cooking, unique house-special dishes and friendly service.

Flora Indica

Flora Indica is inspired by and pays homage to the intrepid Scottish botanists who travelled throughout India during the Victorian period. This exploration led to the discovery of thousands of species of exotic plants, previously unknown to Britain. As a result of these endeavours, the book which contains this epic catalogue of botanical species, entitled … Continued


Chelsea 111-113 Walton Street Intimate and smart, it’s a favourite with locals for everything from a relaxing drink after work to a lively night out. Alongside the renowned cocktail menu, an Alsace kitchen provides a unique food offering not found at any other bar in London. Running parallel to Brompton Road between South Kensington and Knightsbridge, … Continued

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