Dining in London

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A Fantastic Fiesta of Fine Food!

When you stay at the Collingham Apartments in Kensington, you are close to some of the world’s best restaurants! London has over 60 Michelin-starred dining rooms and close to the Collingham you’ll find two-star The Ledbury on Ledbury Road in Notting Hill, one-star Kitchen W8 on Abingdon Road in Kensington and the one-star Launceston Place on Launceston Place, also in Kensington.

In and around Kensington you still have literally hundreds of restaurants, cafés and bars to choose from for all wallets and palates. Our reception staff will be more than happy to help you find what you’re looking for and there are restaurants for every type of cuisine – Italian, British, Spanish, American, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Middle Eastern – and plenty more.

There are also restaurants to suit all dietary requirements including Kosher, Halal, vegetarian and vegan as well as a huge number of extremely good gastropubs, diners and cafés and, dare we say it, there’s also dozens of fast food joints if you need a quick fix! And if that’s not enough, you can always travel further into central London where you’ll be in the middle of gastronomic heaven. Speak to our helpful staff and they can make bookings for you or simply advise you on where to go.


One of the latest food trends to hit London is the pop-up restaurant. They are only around for a very short time – sometimes just a month – but it’s worth searching online for the latest pop-up. They are almost exclusively hip and trendy so booking as far in advance as you can is advisable but wherever you choose to eat, you can be assured of a massive choice and excellent food!

If you need any assistance finding a good restaurant while you’re in London, please don’t hesitate to speak to our concierge and reception staff and they’ll give you the benefit of their experience and specialist knowledge of London’s hottest eateries.